Monday, 8 July 2013

Dream and study

Study abroad is always my dream since I am a small girl. When I am young I am very bad in studies and I am having difficulties in learning especially in writing and counting. Study itself has become something difficult to me. I used to blame myself for being so stupid. Sometimes I feel so helpless. I always wish that I have a good memory, nice hand writing, learn mathematics as fast as other people can. I still remember those mocking, teasing, family members (uncles and aunties) and my parent's friends come to ask about my exam result. Their word, expression and most importantly my parents expression and reaction. I guess that times they will feel ashamed to have a daughter like me.

There's time I feel like life is difficult to me even my parents lost hope on me. Then, gods show some mercy to me and open a window for me. Leading me to pathways that are slightly different from others. Because of my difficultly in learning I became grateful with what i have because i know that i cannot have more and I treasure every single things that I have. I try to work out something else, trying to find ways to make my self understand. Then, suddenly my world started to become clear. I learn more about myself and I learn to cherish and love myself more.

And now I am one step closer to my dream. I am enrolled in international students exchange program and I am going to study in korea soon. A dream that used to far to me is now close.

Dear you,
Who's reading this
I wish you happiness :)