Sunday, 24 November 2013


Mr. Toilet House / 해우재/ Haewoojae
1. Bus No. 99 to 수원농협  0r  Bus No.65  to 안양역 (walk straight to 해우재/ Haewoojae)
2. Taxi

1. Taxi (about 10,000 won depends on traffice)
2. Bus ( roundtrip 2,400 won)
3. Entrance fees are free and you even get a small gift

Address: Jangan-ro 458-9, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do 440-310, South Korea
Phone: 031-271-9777
Hours: CLOSED MONDAY; March~October 1000-1800; November~February 1000~1700
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Review :
Mr. Toilet house is a very interesting, funny, fun and interesting museum. Museum are in a small area, and away from city. But, if you are type of person who love taking photo with funny posture and love having fun. This place will be perfect for you! They have a lot of statue of toilet from ancient Rome, European medieval time until present time.  On 2rd floor they have artifact and photograph to remember the life of Mr. Sim Jae Duck and his contribution to toilet culture movement. Is a fun place to visit.

Friday, 22 November 2013

NAMI ISLAND (NAMINARA REPUBLIC, 나미나라공화국, ようこそナミナラ共和国へ)

Naminara Republic, 나미나라공화국, ようこそナミナラ共和国へ,

 Nami IslandTransport Use: Bus, Taxi , Ferry
Cost : 1. Bus No.80 (Ajou University to Suwon Bus Terminal) 1,200 Won
2. Bus Platform 6 (Suwon Bus Terminal to  가평 ) 9,500 Won
3. Taxi from  가평 bus terminal to Nami seom 5,000 won approximately (depends on traffic condition)
4. Ferry to Nami Island (for foreigner 8,000 won after discount)
Time to reach Nami Island from Ajou Unniversity: 2 and a half hours depends on traffic
Fees: -Regular 10,000 won
-Discaout 8,000 won
-Special 4,000 won for visitor aged 3 to 13 , visitor after 6:10pm (Dec-Mar) and visitor after 7:10pm (Apr- Nov)
- Free entrance child aged under 36 month
Insadong/Jamsil to Nami Island direct bus (Mon-Sun)
Adult fee: 15,000 (round trip) / 7,500 (one way)
Children fee: 13,000 (Rounf trip)/ 6,500 (one way)
Bus stop:
Seoul Insadong : 9.30 (nearby the west gate of tapgol Park)
Seoul Jamsil: 9.30 (At infront of lotte mart nerby exit no.4, Jamsil Station subway line 2)
Nami island: 16.00 (parking lot infront of the ticket office)
I will suggest to went up on 2nd floor of ferry. You can get a nice view from there. But, make sure you wear something warm.
Entrance of Nami Island
Welcome to Nami Island :)
Child-friendly accommodation
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Review : Go on Weekday. Because during holidays or weekends there’s a lot of people visiting Nami Island and it will be very crowded. Even on weekdays, there’s a lot of people visiting and is difficult to take photo especially the famous spot for photo.  But, the island is very beautiful and relaxing. As you walk through the forest of tree you will see small animals (rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and even ostriches ) freely wondering around. On the island, they have Chinese, Korean and Italy restaurant. And most important thing, every staff speak ENGLISH you won’t have any language barrier.  If you are a fan of winter sonata and at the same time a nature lover you definitely will LOVE this island.