Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Battling with "I want to go home!"

Voice coming from your heart telling "I want to go home!" ...Can't concentrate in studies?  Well in my case, studying far from home is not something i expected but i try to manage with it.. I used to stay with my parents until Form 6...I am close with my family and never being away from home (not even going out with friends). I am a home girl. But, when i need to be away from home for education purposes. I am a bit lost...helpless...dunno what to do.... In my 1st semester things are quite difficult for me. I need to do my own laundry, learn to live independently, trying to solve all the problem by myself (Yay..i know i sound like a dummy...But, people like me does exist. ^-~" *wink*), Cant go back home because the flight ticket are expensive, have to stay alone in hostel while all your housemate happily go home (that make me feel more lonely T.T)....While staying in hostel all the shop and cafe are close and you have no transport to go out and the food you are eating you cant get used to it. Things like that making me more homesick.. I tend to get lonely and sad during that time.

Hence, here are some tips i wish to share with you guys ....For me it is quite useful (Hopefully it does for you guys too...<3)

#1 Bring your favorite food from your hometown
When you are unhappy and all the food doesn't seem to look appetite to you (plus, you cant eat the food like my case i cannot get used to it) . Food you bring from hometown can made you happier.

#2 Try Local food 
Finding food you like and acceptable can help you from feeling homesick...When you can adjust yourself with food itself can made you feel better :) trust me..

#3 Meet Friends
Do go out and  meet friends. Friends are the one who will listen to you and  comfort yourself. When you cant go back or anythings happen you have friends to assist you and you wont feel lonely.

#4 Travel
If you have enough money or you can make a low budget trip for yourself when you cant go home during holiday.

#5 Keep in touch with your family
When you are homesick a call from family members can comfort you. If you miss them don't hesitated to call. Nowadays, is easy you can do video call and there's a lot of application which is cheap and allow you to contact your family members without any charges (only internet line you have to pay)

#6 Have an aim or dreams
I always believe a dreamers have a powerful strength that can support them during hard times. Try having one things you want to achieve. You tend to spend your time chasing your dream rather than letting the feeling of "I want to go home!"   hunting your mind.

#7 Create environment that comfortable and familiar

Make hostel room like your own. You can choose to decorate it the way you like it to be. Bring something that made you feel the illusion of you room in your hometown. In my case i bring my favorite bedsheets and pillow :)

#8 Kind to yourself
Love yourself more... pamper yourself more....Moving away from familiar surrounding to some place you are not sure is a big step for yourself. You need time to adjust too...Don't stress your self too much..slow down your foot step and enjoy everything around you. New things means new memories. You only have it now...Try to enjoy in everything you do :)

Lastly, dear you who's reading this i wish you happiness. Take care :)